I want to please Peezus.

by atheismplusone

“I wanna get down on my knees and start pleasing Peezus, I wanna feel his approval all over my face.”

I’ve engaged in discussions on various A+ forums, using a number of different accounts.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this one was quickly banned.  It shouldn’t also surprise anyone that the typical counter-argument was “You’ve got to read more.”

No, I don’t need to read more.  I’m here to talk to you, the A+ supporter.  If you’re not capable of rationally discussing your position, then it’s not worth holding.

If your position is so weak that you ban people for dissenting and asking questions, your position is false.

Rational arguments need not apply.  Facts get tossed out.  What’s important is creating a “safe zone” for people to discuss…. something.  Anyone who asks “what are we discussing?”  gets banned.

The entire A+ social network is about pleasing people.  Facts and evidence aren’t useful here.  Social cohesion is.  Follow the mob.  Ignore the little boy who says “the emperor has no clothes”